Zaun Parking Lot Repair – Thank You!

Hi FUSION Families,

We would like to Thank the following people for spearheading the improvements to the Zaun parking lot. A couple weeks ago Tony Tagliapietra, Kyle Van Sluys, Jeff Dotson, Mike Verplancke, and Carlo Emanuele came up with the idea that they wanted to fix the potholes at Zaun. They approached the club and asked if it was OK for them to put this together. They started by contacting Lannon Stone who pretty much donated 16 tons of traffic bond, they asked club members to come and help this Sunday, which is not needed since Steve Langhenrich from Lakeshore Contracting was going to bring a skid loader on Sunday to help but he actually went to Zaun and did it all today, it looks fantastic. Now all club members and our guests will have a nice parking lot to drive through, I am sure our cars will like it as well.

The Fusion Soccer Club is lucky to have great people that are willing to  improve their club. Just like this parent group from the U11 Fusion girls, if you see something that will help your club let’s get a group together and make it happen. We truly want all our families to have a great experience with the Fusion Soccer Club on and off the field and I know it can happen with all the great people that are part of our club.

Thanks again to the U11 Fusion Girls’ parent group, all the people that were going to help, Quality Landscaping for offering their help,  Lannon Stone and Lakeshore Contracting for all the improvements to the Zaun Parking lot.


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